Organisational Structure

ANSV Telecommunication Equipment Company Limited was established in July 1993 by the joint venture relationship between Alcatel Group (now Alcatel-Lucent) and Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Corporation (now Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Corporation Group).
ANSV develops on the traditional activities, experiences and resources accumulated over 18 years of the joint venture model, continues to develop and expand the field of technology, industry, telecommunications and information technology services.


  • Research, development, manufacture and repair of electrical and electronic devices, telecommunication, information technology, communication; and digital content industry development.
  • Trading in electrical and electronic devices, telecommunications services, information technology, communications, and digital content industry.
  • Surveying, consulting, designing, constructing, installing, maintaining and technical support for telecommunications, information technology and communication projects.
  • General contractor for telecommunications, information technology and communication projects.
  • Consulting, research, training, and applying scientific and technological advances in the fields of electricity, electronics, telecommunications, information technology and communication.
  • Importing and exporting, supplying materials and equipment for projects in the fields of telecommunications, information technology and communication.
  • Manufacturing, assembling and implementing services related to telecommunications equipment systems of Alcatel-Lucent and other new generation information technology and telecommunications equipment systems.
  • Vietnam Innovation Value Added Services Company Limited (VIVAS) was established in July 2011, under VNPT Technology Joint Stock Company (VNPT Technology), a member case of the Group. Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications (VNPT).
  • Originated from IP Excellence Center under Alcatel Network System Vietnam (ANSV) – a Joint venture between VNPT group and Alcatel-Lucent group since 1993, VIVAS inherited 18 years of expertise in the field of telecom-munication technology. Officially established in July 2011, since then, VIVAS has been delivering innovative IT and telecommunications solutions and services that enable organizations to leverage their technology, communications and people as well as contribute to the creation of a better connected society.
  • Combining comprehensive business analysis and years of knowledge and experience in pioneering technologies, VIVAS’s objective is to fully understand our customers’ businesses and to deliver significant added value to them by developing solutions that dramatically reduce their investment in human resources, time and effort so as to enhance their competitive advantages in today’s technology era.
Telecommunication Equipment Manufacturing Company Limited (TELEQ) - a member of VNPT Technology in the field of Technology; Electronics and telecommunications industry - Information technology; media and digital content industry.

TELEQ is a supplier of materials, equipment, consulting & implementing telecommunications and information technology solutions.
TELEQ mainly operates in the fields of:
  • Telecommunications and information technology:
    • Supplying telecommunications materials and equipment such as transmission equipment, smart routers, layer 2 switches, power supplies, optical cables, optical accessories, ...
    • Services: designing, supplying materials, installing, supervising installation, checking the system and implementation. Project management, technical support, warranty, maintenance of telecommunications systems, information technology, communications, and automatic control.
    • Cooperating with partners, researching and providing solutions for telecommunications networks, information technology networks, software systems, IoT hardware for Agriculture, Health, Transport, Energy, ...
  • Traffic and security solutions:
    • Consulting, deploying, installing traffic signal and speed monitoring systems to optimize and effectively handle violating vehicles, and secure the area.