VNPT Technology Company providing GPON Solution include OLT FiberOne, ONT iGate, and ONE Telco Platform Device Management System.

With highly Open, compatible with GPON components of other brands.

The solution meets a flexible deployment, with integration and customization capabilities. We had 30 experience years.


The GPON solution includes:

  • OLT FiberOne: The OLT Mini Fiber optic connector series is designed to be compact, easy to set up, operate, and save cost. This device is a pizza box with 1U Standard, high-density PONT Port, suitable for small areas as buildings, hotels, resorts
  • ONT iGate: for high-speed optical Internet services, meets the needs of network access, watching television and VoIP voice. The product is compatible with many OLT types, providing stable network connection for households and businesses.
  • ONE Telco Platform: VNPT Technology's device management platform - supporting the management of a variety of types and devices (GPON ONT, OLT, WIFI AP, Set-top Box ...) from different suppliers via standard protocols: TR-069, SNMP, CAPWAP.... The system helps network operators and service providers save investment costs for server equipment, computer room, as well as operating costs.

VNPT Technology offers a variety of ONTs, meeting the flexible deployment needs of customers including products without Wi-Fi, Single band 2.4GHz and Dual band Wi-Fi (2.4GHz / 5GHz)

FiberOne OLT60-G16E FiberOne OLT168-G08E


VNPT Technology has provided over 8 million ONTs to major carriers in Vietnam as well as in the world. 

Other Solutions

  • ODM/OEM Services

    ODM/OEM is a field of cooperation that VNPT Technology focuses on developing and expanding based on experience in research, development and production of products with commitment to the best quality, most competitive prices and most timely delivery schedule,...

  • VNPT Technology WiFi Solution ONE - Stop Solution For WiFi Networks

    VNPT Technology Wi-Fi Total Solution provides Wireless Connectivity Platforms for private access, public access and enterprises. VNPT Technology offers a high-performance, End-to-End Wi-Fi solution that is flexible, secure, and easy to deploy

  • ONE IoT Platform

    ONE IoT Platform inherits and extends from the platform which is currently managing 6 millions devices of VNPT corporation, enables the management of millions of IoT devices via standard and proprietary protocols and provides IoT services for any vertical - Agriculture, Smart Home, Smart City, Environment and more

  • ONE Home - Smart Home Solution

    ONE Home is the smart home solution developed by VNPT Technology, makes your home safer and keeps you connected. The advanced technologies ensure system performance, privacy, power saving and bring convenience to users. With an open and flexible design, the solution is compatible with a wide range of smart devices and provides a customization capability to meet customer’s specific requirements. Especially, service providers can actively build service packages to adapt market demand

  • ONE Farm - Smart Agriculuture Solution

    ONE Farm is the smart agriculture solution, developed on VNPT Technology’s ONE IoT Platform. With Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, we bring a real revolution for agriculture including connect network of sensors to monitor; Digitalize and build planting process; Build more complex and automated cultivation process to minimize human effort, self-operation mechanism of self-learning ability; Contribute and enrich agricultural knowledge for a better planting.