VNPT Technology Wi-Fi Total Solution provides Wireless Connectivity Platforms for private access, public access and enterprises. VNPT Technology offers a high-performance, End-to-End Wi-Fi solution that is flexible, secure, and easy to deploy.

VNPT Technology Wi-Fi Total Solution comprises VNPT Technology’s broad product range and expertise in Wi-Fi and the network core to integrate, deploy, and scale your Wi-Fi network within your new or existing broadband infrastructure. The Solution is suitable for all customer from Small and Medium Enterprise to Service Provider.


Total WiFi Solution is flexible in deployment:

    • Cloud deployment
    • On premise deployment from SME size to Carrier Grade

Deployment model for Telco/Service Provider:

Deployed in Telco/Service Provider (SP) data center and manages all kinds of customer: Building, enterprise, home, public area, etc.  

Deployment model for Enterprises:

On cloud deployment for management of enterprise head office and brands

Deployment in data center for more secure management of enterprise head office and brands


  • High-performance, End-to-End Wi-Fi solution: Fast, real-time scalability; single security and interoperability point; and system-wide management and monitoring for indoor/outdoor networks.
  • Transparent and Secured User Experience: Effortless authentication and roaming with secure access via Captive Portal or SIM.
  • Converged Core: Intelligent gateway; centralized access & control; charging and policy enforcement; advertising & marketing campaign; and analytic & customer insights.
  • Intelligent Access/Radio: Comprehensive portfolio of indoor and outdoor IEEE 802.11ac APs; Multi-user MIMO to increase multiple access capabilities; beamforming to improve network throughput and coverage; and BandSteering to efficiently utilize available Wi-Fi spectrums.
  • Flexible deployment and reliable operation
  • Standard compliant protocol: RADIUS, DIAMETER, EAP, CAPWAP, HTTP, etc.
  • Highly customizable: modify each component to meet customers' requirements
  • Wide range of APs meet customers' different requirements and scenarios

VNPT Technology Wi-Fi Total Solution centers on the critical components of Access Points, Cloud Controller, One AAA, WiFi Access Gateways (WAG), Service Management Platform (SMP), Wi-Fi Marketing Platform and associated with support components like Captive Portal and mobile apps.

  • 802.11ac-enabled Access Points: The most common 802.11 a/b/g/n, 802.11ac Wave2 APs deliver high performance and superb user experience for indoor and outdoor environments
  • Cloud Controller: The combination system of WiFi Network Management System (WNMS) and Controller to manage APs & User Access Sesion
  • One AAA: The Network System that is used for access control. AAA is a a set of services for controlling access to computer resources, enforcing policies, assessing usage, and providing the information necessary to bill for services.
  • WiFi Access Gateways (WAG): The Gateway aggregation all WiFi traffic from AP and orientation Data Plane & Control Plane to internet or WiFi Core.
  • Service Management Platform (SMP) : The centralized WiFi service management system for monetization
  • WiFi Marketing Platform:  The Marketing System base on WiFi simplify advertising and campaign management process.


VNPT Technology Total WiFi Solution has been deployed for:


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