VNPT Technology | Sales Office
124 Hoang Quoc Viet Str, Cau Giay, Hanoi

General Introduction

VNPT Technology is a driving force of VNPT Group in the fields of Technology, Electronics and Telecommunications Manufacturing, Information Communications Technology and Digital content industry.

Recently, VNPT Technology has provided to the market more than 10 million products including network equipment, end-user devices and outstanding software solutions. Besides, we expanded our international market by exporting to potential markets such as Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Indonesia, Nepal, etc.

Main activities

VNPT Technology’s main activities are:​

  • Research and develop technology products & ODM: R&D is the core activity of the Company to create values from knowledge, to create intellectual property, goods and services with high technology content. Research and develop core technologies in 5 areas: Fixed broadband, wireless broadband, IoT, 5G technology and Digital Transformation to create comprehensive products from Hardware / Devices, platforms to user applications. Our target in 2025 is to become original design developer researcher.
  • Manufacturing industrial technology equipment & EMS: Products created from research and development are mass-produced through electronic industrial production activities to meet domestic and foreign market needs. Besides, the electronic manufacturing service - EMS is expanded to help the Company take advantage of the available capacity and infrastructure as well as participate more deeply in the global supply chain.
  • Telecommunication network system integration, information technology: With nearly 30 years of experience in integrating large systems such as telecommunications networks, the company is determined to become a leader in the field of telecommunications network system integration and information technology. Comprehensive system integration activities from Analysis, Build Total Solution, Design, Implementation and Training Transfer.
  • Domestic and international commerce and technical services of ICT: Market development business to provide technology products, integrated solutions, domestic and international ICT technical services with market segments including: traditional business / Telcos; B2B and B2C; and international business.
  • SME digital transformation: This is a newly identified area focusing on research and development in the period 2020 - 2025, in parallel with the National Strategy to 2030. Helping small and medium enterprises change operating modes to create new products, new values through the application of technology solutions and operations in digital space.


VNPT Technology is a driving force of VNPT Group in the fields of technology, electronics and telecommunications manufacturing, information communication technology and digital content industry. We has a vision to become a high-tech enterprise and to become one of the leading technology companies in the region.


The mission of VNPT Technology is to create high quality technology products with Vietnamese brand name, serving IT telecomunications networks as well as a lagre number of communities.

Core value

  • Researching, developing and supplying high quality technology products with Vietnamese brand name on the market, bringing the Vietnamese trademark technology products to compete; and catching up with the IT development trend of the world.
  • Build corporate culture on the basis of teamworking and cross-teamworking, actively sharing information and supporting each other, promote VNPT Technology’s spirit and strength.
  • Develop humanity and clear working environment. It inspires employee’s creativity and non-stop learning in research and development activities.
  • VNPT Technology’s core value is employee-oriented. The company is focusing on human resources training as part of its sustainably growth by developing

Business philosophy

  • VNPT Technology’s business philosophy is customer oriented. The purpose of VNPT Technology’s benefit guarantee and difficulties sharing with partners is satisfying customer’s need with qualified and abundant products and services.
  • VNPT Technology is the pioneer company in leading technology on the basis of cooperation with world leading technology partners to ensure providing customers with advanced and up-to-date technology products.