VNPT Technology promotes ODM/OEM cooperation with technology partners around the world

ICT News | Aug 17, 2023

Grasping the trend of production shift and supply chain diversification, Vietnam is gradually becoming the world's production center. VNPT Technology determined that besides developing and manufacturing products directly for end customers, it was necessary to promote ODM/OEM services to participate in the global supply chain.

The five main areas of operation of VNPT Technology include: Research and development of technology products; Manufacture of electronic equipment; System integration and technical services; Technology platform and equipment business, and Digital Transformation.

Up to the present time, VNPT Technology has supplied to the market over 14 million products, 100% VNPT network terminal equipment, 60% market share of DVB-T2 digital receivers serving the TV Digitization Project . The company's products and solutions are present in 11 countries.

Currently, VNPT Technology owns a factory system of more than 37,000m2 and 1,400 employees with many modern production lines. 6 SMT lines, 3 DIP lines, 10 ASM lines, 1 clean room with a capacity of up to 10 million products/year. In the next 1-2 years, the company plans to build a new factory with a total output of over 20 million products/year.

In 2022, VNPT Technology has produced 1.6 million ODM devices and exported them to countries around the world according to orders. It is expected that about 4.5 million more ODM devices will be ordered and exported by partners in 2023.

 With the mission and role of a pioneer in industrial technology, VNPT Technology has determined that one of the development strategies of the Company is to expand the production - export market and participate in the global supply chain. developing the OEM and ODM segment in addition to developing and manufacturing products that supply directly to end customers like the company building phase of the past decade.

In order to approach, expand cooperation and meet the strict requirements of international markets such as the US, Europe, Japan, Korea, etc. in the coming period, VNPT Technology will focus on developing maximally. highly qualified human resources, in which priority is given to system technicians, information technology and business managers. VNPT Technology will also promote cooperation in research and development with source technology companies and other high-tech partners to diversify products and solutions to serve different customer segments. Improve productivity, quality and efficiency, optimize industrial production costs, build Smart Factory, manage and operate production according to international standards to gradually become a leading OEM/OEM in Vietnam.

VNPT Technology has won many awards and certifications:

-Top 10 Enterprises manufacturing and distributing telecommunications equipment and information technology 2022.

-Top 10 Make in Vietnam Digital Technology Product Award 2022

-Top 10 Vietnam IT enterprises 2020 - Top 10 A-IoT Enterprises category.

-Quality Management Certification ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015, TL 9000: 2016, ESD S20.20

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